Monday, 2 July 2012

Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my new blog. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read whatever crap I end up putting on here.

At this point in time I have only been actually making music since january 2012 but have been playing and programming synthesizers since 2009, so I am very much still learning about creating actual tracks and what sounds decent and what doesn't.

Some examples of what I might be posting here are: synth reviews, tips, sound clips, patch tutorials etc. I will also post up new tracks and any thoughts I have about the tracks I'm trying to create. Also if anybody has any questions about any synth from the previous owned list, on the left side of this page, then don't hesitate to ask me.

Hopefully anybody into the kind of stuff mentioned above will keep an eye out for new posts. I will be posting on twitter any time I've put a new post up here so people find out easily. I have links for my twitter, youtube and soundcloud accounts in the right coloumns of this page for anybody interested.

Look out for my first proper post which will be a full review of my new Nord lead 2x synthesizer.